Top Ten Tuesday is hosted by Jana @ That Artsy Reader Girl and features a new prompt for a top ten list every week. 

Today’s prompt:
Favorite Things to Eat/Drink While Reading (submitted by Jana’s mom)

  1. At risk of being a total cliche… tea. Makes me feel cozy yet refined.
  2. Oreos and milk (yes I am five)
  3. Coffee (I’ve ruined my ability to concentrate without caffeine)
  4. Apples
  5. Popcorn
  6. Breakfast (THAT COUNTS)
  7. Lemonade (I don’t like pop, so I’ve become very attached to lemonade)
  8. Smoothies
  9. Chocolate (especially Hershey’s kisses)
  10. Iced tea (that’s DIFFERENT from hot tea don’t @ me)

If you did this TTT prompt, drop a link in comments so I can see!

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