Mini-Review: QUEEN OF RUIN by Tracy Banghart

I read the sequel to last year’s Grace and Fury mostly out of morbid curiosity and got exactly what I figured I was in for. Queen of Ruin makes a few improvements on the first installment but still doesn’t have the depth its subject matter demands.

June Wrap-Up

July Wrap-Up: Blogging Recap feat. a ~special project~

What I Read In June I read fewer books than usual this month, but had a really high percentage of winners. I read seven in total, and four of those were five-star books! It’s so hard to pick a favorite, so I’ll cheat and pick two: I Like To Watch and The Kingdom. My least…

July Releases I’m Watching

July 2019 looks like it’s going to be a little quieter. Most summer books are already out. This is fine by me–I need all the time I can get to gear up for September.

ARC Review: 5 Stars

Book Review: I LIKE TO WATCH by Emily Nussbaum

Decades in the making, this unassuming book represents the central thesis of one of the greatest television critics, Emily Nussbaum. I Like to Watch isn’t just a collection of TV criticism; it’s a defense of TV criticism and television itself, celebrating the medium’s unique power and charting its evolution throughout the post-Sopranos golden age. Five stars.

Adult Contemporary Mini-Reviews

I loved these three contemporaries and wanted to make sure they got a shout-out on the blog. They’re all hugely popular backlist titles, so I didn’t feel the need to write reviews, but I wanted to share my thoughts.