Favorite Quotes: YOU’D BE MINE

I’ve assembled ten of my favorite quotes from the heartrending, heart-pounding The Last Voyage of Poe Blythe by Ally Condie. Content warnings for grief/loss/death and discussion of violence.

Four and a Half Mini-Reviews

I have five books here that aren’t going to get full reviews but deserve at least a mention. I’ve got a three, two fours, and two fives coming in one post. Here we go!

Book Review: INTERNMENT by Samira Ahmed

Internment reaches for lofty subject matter, but is more like a Twitter thread than a story: a collection of rants straight from the author, funneled through stick-figure characters so it can pretend to be a novel. Poorly written and frustrating. One star.

Google Auto-Complete YA Tag

This tag is based on Google’s autocomplete suggestions about young adult books. Here are the top 10 search suggestions Google gives me when I start with “ya books for” :

Controversy Watch: MY BROTHER'S NAME IS JESSICA by John Boyne

This post will be continuously updated to track developments in criticism of John Boyne’s My Brother’s Name Is Jessica. Please drop a comment or send me a message if you know of any news, reviews, or anything else I’m missing. I’m particularly interested in finding reviews from trans readers who have read the book, or…