Four books I’m watching that hit shelves today:

~books I’ve read~

Love From A to Z
S. K. Ali
(My ARC Review – Four Stars)

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After a slow, worrying start, this became a captivating, moving read.

Centering on two earnest, lovable Muslim teens having very different reactions to painful situations, Love From A to Z is a thoughtful, compassionate love story that celebrates faith, serendipity, and other marvels. I loved the books nuanced portrayal of the different ways people react to loss, injustice, and other difficult realities, all though a beautiful, chaste love story.

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~books on my TBR~

Hot Dog Girl
Jennifer Dugan

This looks adorable and quirky and I’m pumped.

I finally got an answer to the pressing question I posted in my April releases post, and unfortunately, it was the boring answer:

Oh, well. I’ll read the book anyway, but I must do so knowing magic is dead.

Brief Chronicle of Another Stupid Heartbreak
Adi Alsaid

I haven’t seen much activity with this one; it doesn’t seem likely to be a big release. I can’t pass it by, though. From the synopsis, the book sounds like it’s going to touch on some of the elements that made the summer after senior year a time of my life I think about a lot. I’m automatically interested in any story of a couple “scheduling” the end of a relationship for right before college.

~other books on my radar~

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