July 2019 looks like it’s going to be a little quieter. Most summer books are already out. This is fine by me–I need all the time I can get to gear up for September.

Here are seven new releases I’ve got my eye on:

July 2

Book Cover: We Walked the Sky

Multi-generational circus YA? Yum yum yum! Can’t wait to get my hands on this.

Book Cover: Queen of Ruin

It’s not a secret that I.. ahem… did not care for Grace and Fury, but I have a burning, morbid curiosity about the second half of this duology. I have a ton of ARCs to get through, but hopefully I’ll have time to grab this from the library and give it a go. I’m not a proponent of hate-reading, but I really do want to see how it ends.

July 9

Book Cover: Wilder Girls

Wilder Girls is my drop-everything-on-release-day title this month. Everything I’ve heard about this creepy-looking little number has just made me more desperate for it.

Book cover: ME MYSELF & HIM

I wasn’t a fan of Me Myself & Him, but I’m interested to hear different perspectives on this odd, inventive YA.

Book cover: Spin the Dawn

Mulan x Project Runway as a diverse YA? Sign. Me. Up.

July 16

Book Cover: This Is How You Lose the Time War

If the title hadn’t already sold me on this one, the dual authors would have. This looks so freakin cool.

Book Cover: Gods of Jade and Shadow

The cover. The setting. I want.

What are you looking forward to this July?

2 thoughts on “July Releases I’m Watching”

    1. Storm Crow looks good! I’m having trouble keeping all the various crow-titled books straight… I know there’s Merciful Crow too, and I think another one coming up.

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