It seems to be official… I’m attending BookCon this summer!

Have I ever attended a conference solo before? Nope! Have I made hotel and travel arrangements yet? Also nope. Am I sure yet how I’m going to afford this? Not quite, no.

But thinking about going made me feel energized and optimistic in a way that I hadn’t felt in a while. A lot of my life is really static right now, and I really need something to plan for and look forward to. I’ve had trouble with some mild/moderate travel anxiety for most of my life, so for me to actually want to go to New York for a night or two by myself is a pretty big deal.

While I’ll most likely be traveling solo, I don’t want to experience the con completely alone. I’m already in a Twitter chat for the conference and in the coming weeks, I’ll be looking for more internet friends that are also going. If you’re going and might like to meet up at some point that weekend, feel free to drop a comment or send me a message!

This is scary and exciting and I am SO PUMPED for the BOOKS.

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