If you noticed that I’ve bene on semi-hiatus for the last two weeks (and I know you have. Hundreds of you have been hitting refresh on your WordPress, wondering why Katie has only posted two reviews in the past two weeks), this is why.

I’m helping to launch a magazine devoted entirely to the world of Young Adult!

You can find “Issue Zero” of Young Adult Reader here. We’ll be updating throughout the month with brand-new articles, reviews, lists, and creative writing from a variety of bloggers, writers, and YA readers.

The Young Adult Reader¬†is committed to compensating contributors for their work.¬†Many new publications gather content by soliciting free work from freelance writers in exchange for “exposure.” Instead, we’re crowdfunding to make sure we can pay each and every one of the talented writers, artists, and editors making YAR possible, even before we have revenue streams in place.

You can help make this possible by pledging $1 or more to our Kickstarter campaign, reading Issue Zero, and sharing the campaign on social media.

I’m so excited to start this project with some amazing contributors. If you’re a writer interested in future opportunities with YAR, there’s info on the site to help you get started!

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