Apparently publishers are teaming up to try to kill YA bloggers with a flood of highly-anticipated titles this September. It’s TOO MUCH. They’re TOO GOOD.

The first of the September release dates brings two books that I was fortunate to read in ARC form and loved, plus three I can’t wait to get my hands on.

Permanent Record by Mary H. K. Choi

I loved Permanent Record, Mary H. K. Choi’s follow-up to her bestseller debut Emergency Contact. The basic premise of Permanent Record seems very similar to Choi’s debut, and they will probably appeal to the same readers. That said, they are very different stories. Permanent Record goes deeper into some thorny emotional territory, resulting in a book that is just as sweet but much more complex. Here’s my full five-star review.

Since writing that review, I came across this wonderful interview with the author by Electric Lit, which includes some wonderful quotes about Choi’s approach to writing hyper-contemporary fiction for an every-changing teen audience.

“Books take forever to write and an eternity to come out. Talking about trends is pointless. All I can do is tap into things I know to be true: everything is intense, friends are so important they may as well be celebrities, anxiety sucks and young adults are gobsmackingly resourceful when it comes to some things and heart-squishingly callow at others. I focus on interiorities. And how seismic the smallest things seem when they’re happening to you for the first time.”

Mary H. K. Choi for Electric Lit
Book Cover: The Lady Rogue

The Lady Rogue by Jean Bennett

I also loved The Lady Rogue. I don’t know that this one is going to get much hype. September is packed with YA headliners, and The Lady Rogue’s cover and title won’t be doing it any favors. It’s a tremendously enjoyable historical fantasy, though, so pick this one up if you like romantic banter and magical rings.

Three Releases I’m Excited For:

American Royals by Katherine McGee, author of The Thousandth Floor, was a highly-coveted ARC at BookCon last May. (They had very few arcs for this one and didn’t seem ready for how excited people were for it!) 

Serpent & Dove looks dark and magical. I have been hearing from some people that it doesn’t seem to truly be YA–sounds like a Maas-esque case of shoehorning a book that should be NA into the Young Adult category, sexual content and all. Regardless, I’m excited to get my hands on a copy.

There Will Come a Darkness is getting great reviews from a few people I follow. I don’t know much about it but have to add to my TBR anything that gets such a great response.

Plus, a few other anticipated releases that aren’t on my TBR but are on my radar:

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