Today isn’t one of 2019’s major hyped release dates (looking at you, September) but it’s a big one for me. I’m so freakin excited.

In a coincidence I still can’t get over, two writers I’ve read and loved for years have debuts hitting shelves on the same day. Linda Holmes’ romantic contemporary Evvie Drake Starts Over and Emily Nussbaum’s critical masterpiece I Like To Watch will definitely be among my favorite reads of the first half of 2019.

Book Cover: Evvie Drake Starts Over by Linda Holmes

Book Cover: I Like To Watch by Emily Nussbaum

I’m also excited for Kat Cho’s The Wicked Fox, which should be waiting for me at the library sometime this week. God bless the holds system.


2 thoughts on “Happy Book Birthday: 2 debuts I loved & a YA I can’t wait to read”

  1. Ohh you’ve piqued my curiosity with Evvie Drake starts over, and the cover is quite pretty! I particularly love that little lobster at the very bottom ahah!

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