Favorite Quotes: YOU’D BE MINE

I’ve assembled ten of my favorite quotes from the heartrending, heart-pounding The Last Voyage of Poe Blythe by Ally Condie. Content warnings for grief/loss/death and discussion of violence.

What to Read After RUSSIAN DOLL

By now, everyone and their mother has finished binging Netflix’s newest hit, Russian Doll. (If you haven’t–what are you waiting for? It’s eight episodes!) Here are some hand-picked book recommendations to follow-up that strange little series.

ACOTAR is NOT YA (and we need to stop pretending it is)

Guys, we really need to figure out how to deal with the Sarah J. Maas books as a community. I’m definitely not the only one who feels that the A Court of Thorns and Roses and Throne of Glass books shouldn’t be considered YA. Those books only grow in popularity as the installments keep coming, so it’s time to have a serious conversation about what we consider YA, why the YA designation exists, and how adult readers should interact with books that are ostensibly for teens.

Netflix doesn't care that you hate INSATIABLE

Only days after the release of an ill-conceived trailer for Netflix’s newest original series, Insatiable, a Change.org petition demanding the streaming service cancel the release quickly racked up tens of thousands of signatures. The controversial trailer stars Debby Ryan as “Fatty Patty,” whose gluttony-driven weight disappears over a summer spent with a jaw wired shut.…

5 Alternatives to Book Piracy That Aren't Libraries

This week is apparently Book Twitter’s annual “time to talk about piracy again” rant session. Despite the efforts of many authors who took to Twitter to explain, once again, how seriously illegal downloads hurt every member of the industry and make new releases from marginalized voices less likely, many readers continue to insist that denouncing…

Ownvoices, Outing, and Book Twitter: What Happened With HULLMETAL GIRLS?

If you’re wondering why your Twitter timeline was suddenly flooded with oblique references to “harassment” of authors or reviewers and debates over the right way to criticize “ownvoices” works, it might have something to do with the discussion of queer representation in a new YA release.          As many Twitter-fueled controversies do,…