“Holy mother, it’s gonna be a summer, isn’t it?”

Content warnings for mild sexual content, mild references to drug/alcohol use and addiction.

I’ve absolutely adored Erin Hahn’s YA country music contemporary, You’d Be Mine, so I rounded up all the pages I post-it-noted for a list of my favorite quotes.

I’ll divide this post halfway down when the quotes become mild spoilers (they won’t spoil the whole book, but they reference events from the second half or show character development, and I want to give you a heads-up.


miscelaneous adorableness

Maybe Clay’s right about that. Maybe I do have some lofty ideals about country music.
Someone clearly needs to, even if it’s just some internet-famous enghteen-year-old with frizzy hair.

Annie’s narration, page 85 of the US hardcover

I’m shaken and thunderstruck and electrified to the point of jittery. He’s a fiery summer storm and I’m in the middle of an open field.

Annie narration, 81

“And that, boys and girls, is the story of how stone-cold Annie Matters found her lady parts.”

Jason to Annie, Page 32, hardcover

I’m taken. I’m a cliche. I don’t even care.

Annie narration, 167

Dancing would have been okay. I could have survived a dancing cowboy. I could even have survived a stomping Clay Coolidge, country singer.
But holy Hannah, I won’t survive Jefferson Coolidge, farm boy. 167

Annie narration, 167

“So, she sings like an angel, plays like the devil, pitches championships, and slays amusement park games. Is there anything you can’t do?”

Clay to Annie, 47

*spoilers ahead*

~things get worse~

“I was a huge fan of your mom’s. I looked up to her so much as a kid.” …
“Well, you shouldn’t have. She was a terrible role model.”

Lora and Annie, 186

She can’t be my sun. We’d never survive that.

Clay narration, 213

I make it worse out of spite… I belt out lyrics about legs and hips and dropping low and feeling high and curves and bedroom eyes.

Clay narration, 198

~things get better~

My parents loved each other. Madly. And somewhere inside of me, I hope they loved me, too. They sort of seemed to, in a distant, farther-down-the-line-kind of way. But Cora loved Robbie and she loved her music, and she was a slave to her drugs.
And Robbie loved Cora. Full stop. 209

Annie narration, 209

“So these are my parents.”

Annie to clay, 263


Message from Kacey to Fitz, page 255

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