How do your ratings work?

I don’t give partial stars because my ratings are categories, not grades.

I rate with the assumption that most books in the world will be three stars. Three stars can mean “fine–some good some bad” or “well-written but not to my taste” or “very strong but with harmful elements or major problems.” There’s nothing wrong with three stars… but there’s nothing particularly good about it either. If I really enjoy a book, it gets four, and if I disliked it, it gets two.

To get all the way up to five stars, book has to be something that I am ready to evangelize about. Five stars means I think a book is a great example of the genre, that I will recomend it to people unprompted, and that I think it’s good for the world of literature.

To get just one star, I need to more than just dislike a book. I have to dislike it, think it’s poorly done, and think it is, in some way, bad for the world. A poorly-written book that I think has harmful portrayals or false messages will get one star.

What is your review policy?

If you’d like me to review a book, please reach out to me first at tinkitchenbooks at gmail dot com. If I’m interested and have free space, I’ll send you information for shipping or e-delivery.

I will happily receive ARCs or copies in exchange for an honest review, but I will not accept books or payment in exchange for a positive review in particular. All opinions are my own.

The bulk of my reading is YA, but I also review adult novels and nonfiction often. I’m also making an effort to refamiliarize myself with middle grade, so I’m accepting MG fiction as well. In fiction, I’m most interested in non-romance-led contemporary, light and speculative sci-fi, fantasy, and historical fiction. In nonfiction, I’m particularly interested in history, memoir, and humor. I do not review horror, erotica, non-English language, or instructional works.

What does your blog’s name mean?

It’s a Little Women reference.