You all said it would happen. Every blogger warned me that this couldn’t last, and I didn’t listen.

I am officially behind on ARCs.

It hasn’t gotten to the point where any reviews have been late (although I’m sure that’ll happen at some point) but it’s been close. I think my review for The Ten Thousand Doors of January will be published two days before release. (In the meantime, you can read this beautiful review by Chaima at Runaway With Dreamthieves.)

September is a complete avalanche of anticipated titles, especially in the YA space, so without realizing it, I accumulated a huge pile of arcs (and library holds!) concentrated around the same 4 release dates.

Two months ago I calendared it all out–a beautiful blogging schedule with reviews spaced out reasonably and everything posted three weeks before release.


I spent August dragging the little squares on my blogging calendar later and later because there’s TOO MUCH. Why did I do this to myself??

Oh right… because I love this.

Here’s what I was able to get done this month:

What I read:

It was a very mixed month of reading. Eight of those books were 4 or 5 star reads for me, but the three I disliked I really hated.

What I reviewed:

I posted reviews for 8/11 of the books I read this month (being behind means a super quick turnaround), plus one I’d read in July.

★★★★★ Permanent Record by Mary H. K. Choi

★★★★★ Scars Like Wings by Erin Stewart

★★★★★ It’s a Whole Spiel ed. Katherine Locke and Laura Silverman

★★★★ Frankly in Love by David Yoon

★★★★ The Other F Word ed. Angie Manfredi

★★★★ The Lady Rogue by Jenn Bennett

★★ The Babysitters Coven by Kate Williams

★★ One Person, No Vote (YA Edition) by Carol Anderson and Tonya Bolden

Rebel Girls by Elizabeth Keenan

Other posts:

I also published my (many) thoughts on the huge marketing push behind Frankly In Love, David Yoon’s debut novel. I loved the book, but it’s not at all the book described by the adorable book trailer. It’s a wonderful story, and I hope readers won’t be turned off when they realize they aren’t getting the sweet and fluffy fake-dating romance they were promised.

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