Here’s a round-up of the top five new book releases I’m looking forward to this April. As usual, it’s mostly YA, because that’s the book community I’m most tuned-in to, but my backlist TBR still has lots of adult titles (and some MG!).

Book cover: You'd Be Mine

YOU’D BE MINE by Erin Hahn

This. Looks. Yummy. Sweet and lovely, but set in an interesting, high-stakes world. A perfect formula for YA contemporary romance. Books come out all the time that fit this bill, but this one is getting such a great response that I just have to put it on the list.


THE DEVOURING GRAY by Christine Lynn Herman

Full disclosure: I know next to nothing about this title. I have a vague idea of the genre and tone, but that’s about it. That’s how much hype I’ve been seeing from readers I trust. I’m not sure that this is quite my style, but I’m willing to try anything that’s well-written.



This is the only ARC I have that’s making the list this month. I’ve recently been making more of an effort to read new MG and re-familiarize myself with the kidlit world (most of the titles I’m familiar with are from my own childhood, and it’s not like I was reading on the cutting edge at that point to begin with). Luckily, as MG tends to be shorter, this has been going pretty well. Maisie Day (which I keep accidentally calling Daisy May) looks great. It’s billed as a story in the spirit of A Wrinkle in Time, which I don’t really like, but it looks much more fun and odd and geeky than classis L’Engle. I’m hoping for a fresh, female-driven sci-fi… don’t let me down.


WICKED SAINTS by Emily A. Duncan

I’ve seen mixed reviews for this one. The people that love it love it PASSIONATELY, and it looks like it might be my style, so I’m going to give it a try. I haven’t pre-ordered any of the books on this list, but if I do, it’ll probably be this one. It’s a beautiful book and the premise seems right up my alley. Plus, the author is from Ohio so that’s an automatic point in its favor.


HOT DOG GIRL by Jennifer Dugan

Okay, this looks precious and smart and blah blah blah but I have an important question:

I checked the dates and did the math. There’s enough time for this book to have been inspired by that viral picture of the girls at “princess day” at a dance class. Remember that? Viral on Twitter in 2016? Be the #HotDogGirl you want to see in the world?

Does anyone know if the author has mentioned this?? My googling has turned up nothing. That picture was the first thing I thought about when I heard about this book and I MUST KNOWWWW. It would make me so happy if that were true.



I haven’t seen much activity with this one; it doesn’t seem likely to be a big release. I can’t pass it by, though. From the synopsis, the book sounds like it’s going to touch on some of the elements that made the summer after senior year a time of my life I think about a lot. I’m automatically interested in any story of a couple “scheduling” the end of a relationship for right before college.

Did I miss anything you’re waiting for? What’s on your most-anticipated list for April? Let me know in comments!

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