10 Thoughts I Had Watching the Game of Thrones Finale

If you can’t tell, this post will be dark and full of spoilers. If you haven’t seen all the GOT that will ever air (*sniff*) then stay away!


2: I guess I’ve been complaining about the rushed pace this season for nothing. There’s clearly time for an entire half an hour of people walking slowly and dramatically.

3: Were the dragons always this smart? Were they always this intentional with the visual metaphor?

I don’t really care, though. They nailed it.

4: The best story

TYRION: And who among us has the best story?
ME: Oh my god. It’s happening. Sansa for the iron throne. This is amazing. Or wait… does he mean Arya? Both? Himself? WHAT?
TYRION: Obviously Bran.

4: Im sorry…. Bran?

6: I think I’ve seen that book before

Did Sam’s copy of A Song of Ice and Fire [insert a thousand weary sighs] look familiar to anyone else?

Game of Thrones finale: A Song of Ice and Fire book

Just me?

Game of thrones finale: Shrek storybook


Her hair loose. Her crown on. Her face taking none of your shit. Yes.

8: Is there not a hole in the Wall anymore?

Serious question. They opened and closed the gate… isn’t there an enormous hole right there? Is someone going to get on that?

9: Thank the lord of light there wasn’t an inside-the-episode for this.

Truly, small mercies.

10: Watching this season did wonders for my self-confidence in the manuscript I’m querying.

I love my complex royal women who get consistent, badass arcs. And apparently the bar is just so low now, so what am I even worried about?

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