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If you noticed that I’ve bene on semi-hiatus for the last two weeks (and I know you have. Hundreds of you have been hitting refresh on your WordPress, wondering why Katie has only posted two reviews in the past two weeks), this is why. I’m helping to launch a magazine devoted entirely to the world…

Review: Two Stars

Mini-Review: QUEEN OF RUIN by Tracy Banghart

I read the sequel to last year’s Grace and Fury mostly out of morbid curiosity and got exactly what I figured I was in for. Queen of Ruin makes a few improvements on the first installment but still doesn’t have the depth its subject matter demands.

June Wrap-Up

July Wrap-Up: Blogging Recap feat. a ~special project~

What I Read In June I read fewer books than usual this month, but had a really high percentage of winners. I read seven in total, and four of those were five-star books! It’s so hard to pick a favorite, so I’ll cheat and pick two: I Like To Watch and The Kingdom. My least…

July Releases I’m Watching

July 2019 looks like it’s going to be a little quieter. Most summer books are already out. This is fine by me–I need all the time I can get to gear up for September.

ARC Review: 5 Stars

Book Review: I LIKE TO WATCH by Emily Nussbaum

Decades in the making, this unassuming book represents the central thesis of one of the greatest television critics, Emily Nussbaum. I Like to Watch isn’t just a collection of TV criticism; it’s a defense of TV criticism and television itself, celebrating the medium’s unique power and charting its evolution throughout the post-Sopranos golden age. Five stars.